Integrating Web 2.0 technologies into EFL learning in the Greek state-school context: A mixed-method study (pp. 32-55 )


The purpose of this study is to survey the integration of Web 2.0 technologies into EFL learning in the Greek state-school context including both primary and secondary schools. It explores state EFL teachers’ awareness of Web 2.0 technologies, the use of Web 2.0 tools on the basis of underlying pedagogical theories and teaching methods, teachers’ digital literacy and training needs as well as state-school barriers and possible solutions. To this end, a mixed-method research was selected to gather and process data. The research tools were a questionnaire addressed to 149 in-service state EFL teachers regarding the quantitative analysis and an e-mail interview addressed to 7 in-service school advisors for the qualitative research. Merging of quantitative and qualitative findings yielded valuable implications and suggestions for Web 2.0 implementation in the Greek state school. The present study reveals state EFL teachers’ positive attitude towards Web 2.0 technologies, the need for a pedagogical ‘link’ between technology and teaching methodology as well as the state-school barriers against Web 2.0 integration. It also provides suggestions for further research and for future action towards Web 2.0 pedagogy sustaining policies.


Keywords: Web 2.0, EFL, pedagogy, mixed-method