#LetMeepleTalk: Using board games for EFL preschoolers (pp. 93-103), Athanasios Karasimos


#LetMeepleTalk: Using board games for EFL preschoolersAthanasios Karasimos


This paper probes into the merged area between language pedagogy, CLIL, preschoolers learners and educational technology, and centers on weaving multi-genres board games (both physical and digital ones) in early language teaching. Based on the communicative approach to foreign language pedagogy, we trace the development of modern board games that are language (in)dependent and link them to the teaching of early EFL within a constructivist learning framework. Up to now, previous computer gaming suggestions for educational purposes were game specified, and thus could not be generalized. Moreover, board game suggestions usually focused on non-language teaching proposals. In this proposal, we will present specific board game selection criteria for presenting or eliciting language and a template of integrating every gaming genre. We will present a model wherein any board game can be used in the current foreign language classroom by tying them to the teaching of specific language skills. We propose that every genre can be used to teach a specific language skill (e.g., speaking via board game streaming presentation or developing thematic vocabulary) in CLIL and early language contexts.


Key words: board gaming, language learning, language teaching, game-based teaching and learning theory, early language learning