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The Editor would like to acknowledge the invaluable help of the following people who acted as referees for RPLTL submissions during 2011 and 2012. It is only with the help and advice of such scholars that it is possible to produce what we hope is a quality journal. 

  • Paul Bouniol / RCeL member, University of Athens - Lecturer / University of Hertfordshire - IST
  • Sophia Papaeftymiou‐Lytra / University of Athens
  • Christine Calfoglou / Hellenic Open University
  • Vassiliki Rizomilioti / University of Patras
  • Richard Fay / University of Manchester
  • Julia‐Athena Sprinthourakis / Univerisity of Patras
  • Moira Hill  / University of Athens
  • Vasilios Zorbas  / University of Athens
  • Eleni Manolopoulou‐Sergi /Hellenic Open University
  • Aikaterini Zouganeli / EFL teacher, Teacher Trainer