Spelling Strategies of EFL Students (pp. 169-180), Muna AL-BULUSHI & Salma AL-HUMAIDI


Spelling Strategies of EFL Students



The aim of this study was to investigate the spelling strategies used by EFL students in Oman. Although the amount of research on spelling is increasing in Oman, the area of spelling learning strategies still needs further investigation. There is insufficient information in understanding the kind of spelling strategies that are being used in Omani classrooms, therefore, to adopt and use at any time. However, the current study focuses on finding out the frequency of the use of the strategies by grades four and ten, and the differences between both grades in the use of these strategies. The study sample consisted of 757 students from grades four and ten as they represent the exit level of school cycles in Oman. This survey study design is comprised of a questionnaire that was divided into different categories representing different spelling strategies. Results revealed statistically significant differences in the use of the strategies with respect to grades. Based on the findings, practical implications and recommendations are provided.


Key words: overlapping waves theory, spelling strategies, EFL students, Oman


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