Volume 7 - Issue 1 - February 2016 / Research Papers In Language Teaching and Learning

Editorial (of Vol. 7, No. 1)
Attitudes towards conducting peer observation for teacher development purposes within the Greek state school teaching context (pp. 7-26), Georgia TSOULOU
EFL teachers’ status in state schools versus private language institutes in Greece (pp. 27-45), Persefoni LYKOUDI
Teachers’ attitudes towards the integration of Web 2.0 tools in EFL teaching (pp. 46-73), Kostoula-Christina KARKOULIA
Researching the promotion of strategic learning by EFL teachers (pp. 75-87), Athina VRETTOU, Angeliki PSALTOU-JOYCEY, & Zoe GAVRIILIDOU
Investigating vocabulary learning strategies of EFL young learners in the Greek primary school (pp. 88-104), Kerkyra KAVVADIA
Experiential learning of English in Greek All-Day Primary Schools: investigating curriculum implementation (pp. 105-126), Zaharenia-Irini KIDONIA
Investigating the efficacy of a balanced model of phonics and whole language approach for the development of young learners’ early reading skills in English (pp. 127-146), Katerina DAMIANOU
E-books in early iteracy: The effects of a balanced Phonics and Whole Language approach on the development of young learners’ reading skills (pp. 147-168), Elli KONSTANTOPOULOU
Spelling Strategies of EFL Students (pp. 169-180), Muna AL-BULUSHI & Salma AL-HUMAIDI
Enhancing Fourth Graders’ Writing Skills Through Collaborative Writing Tasks: An Experimental Study (pp. 181-198), Konstantina STRATIGOU
Developing a strategic reading approach in Greek primary EFL classes: An exploratory study (pp. 199-211), Polyxeni MANOLI
The blog as an innovative tool for the development of the writing skill in the Greek EFL class (pp. 212-232), Evanthia AVGEROU & Kosmas VLACHOS
Creating digital comics to motivate young learners to write: a case study (pp. 233-263), Angeliki DELIGIANNI-GEORGAKA and Ourania POUROUTIDI
Using a WebQuest to develop the reading strategies of 6th grade EFL learners (pp. 264-279), Georgia MAKROGIORGOU and Leda ANTONIOU
Metacognitive awareness development through CALL (pp. 280-297), Evdokia KATSANIS