Volume 9 - February 2018 / Research Papers In Language Teaching and Learning

Editorial (of Vol. 9, No 1)
Exploring teachers’ attitudes towards the development of 21st century skills in EFL teaching (pp. 6-31), Anna TSOURAPA
Integrating Web 2.0 technologies into EFL learning in the Greek state-school context: A mixed-method study (pp. 32-55 ), Maria TZOTZOU
The effectiveness of a parallel syllabus that uses WebQuests to enhance the New Literacies of 6th grade primary school EFL learners (pp. 56-76), Maria DOULGERI and Leda ANTONIOU
WebQuests: Can they contribute towards the understanding of stories? (pp. 77-95), Christine OULOUSIDOU
Exploring the effectiveness of Edmodo on Greek EFL B1 learners’ motivation to write (pp. 96-112), Magdalini TSIAKYROUDI
Adopting the ESP approach to Senior High School: Generating students’ motivation through the development of writing skills (pp. 113-132), Athina KIOSE
Implementing tutorials within the context of an English for General Academic Purposes course at the University of Patras: A Preliminary study (pp. 133-148), Ourania KATSARA
Exploring Differentiated Instruction in TESOL: The Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in Greece (pp. 149-165), Venetia TZANNI
Flipped classroom integration in Greek state primary schools: An action research project (pp. 166-180), Andriani-Christina RIGOUTSOU
“If I stay here, I will learn the language”: Reflections from a case study of Afghan refugees learning Greek as a Second Language (pp. 181-194), Marina MOGLI and Maria PAPADOPOULOU
Explicit collaborative reading strategy instruction: A pilot intervention in the EFL context (pp. 195-210), Maria KOUKOURIKOU, Polyxeni MANOLI and Eleni GRIVA
Greek EFL teachers’ engagement with and in research and their perceptions of research (pp. 211-226), Zoe KANTARIDOU and Glykeria KALTSIOU