Exploring Differentiated Instruction in TESOL: The Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in Greece
Venetia TZANNI


This study explored differentiated instruction in relation to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). More specifically, it investigated teachers’ beliefs and practices related to differentiated instruction in order to give an account of the status of the approach in Greek TESOL contexts. Data were collected from 234 practitioners teaching in a variety of TESOL contexts in Greece, who were asked to complete an online questionnaire consisting of 42 items. Their responses were statistically analyzed, and the frequencies on items investigating beliefs and practices in relation to differentiation as well as the relationships between them were closely examined. The analysis showed generally promising teacher beliefs towards differentiation and relatively weaker differentiated teaching practices, especially in areas that require preparation time. The discussion focuses on significant statistical observations and possible interpretations, concluding with suggestions for future research.


Keywords: differentiated instruction; TESOL; Greece; teacher beliefs; teaching practices