Volume 4 - Issue 1 - February 2013 / Research Papers In Language Teaching And Learning

Editorial (of Vol. 4, No. 1)
Phonological awareness as a possible predictor for reading comprehension in English among year 3 and 6 Greek students (pp. 6-24), Klio FTIKA
Towards English teachers’ professional development: Can self- and peer- observation help improve the quality of our teaching? (pp. 25-43), Ioanna PSALLA
EFL Teacher training on multicultural classroom management in elementary and junior high school (pp. 44-58), Sophia DIDA
The nature and impact of textbook-based EFL vocabulary tests on teaching and learning (pp. 59-80), Dina TSAGARI & Athena PAVLOU
Exploring electronic storybooks to enhance multiple intelligences (pp. 81-98), Dimitris RINIS & Kosmas VLACHOS
Introducing a foreign language at primary level: Benefits or lost opportunities? The case of Greece (pp. 99-119), Thomaï ALEXIOU & Marina MATTHEOUDAKIS
Delving into young learners’ attitudes and motivation to learn English: comparing the Armenian and the Greek classroom (pp. 120-137), Areti-Maria SOUGARI & Iren HOVHANNISYAN
A penetrating Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) praxis in Italian mainstream education: Stemming novelties and visions (pp. 138-157), Renata AGOLLI
“The spider ripped loose and swung free”: a corpus based study of the resultative V (n) Adj pattern (pp. 158-176), Vassiliki RIZOMILIOTI
Self-assessment: its impact on students’ ability to monitor their learning process in the English classroom and develop compensatory strategies (pp. (177-197), Alexandra ANASTASIADOU
Implementing Collaborative Process Based Writing in the EFL College Classroom (pp. 198-206), Handoyo Puji WIDODO
An overview of lifelong learning practices, with an emphasis on the ‘Grundtvig’ action (pp. 207-217), Angeliki ANAGNOSTOPOULOU & Alexandra ATHANASIOU
Book Reviews